Prairie Green clubhouse: Not in use.

A sign in the window of the Prairie Green Golf Course clubhouse - as it is being moved across town to Kuehn Park Golf Course - reads “Not in use.”

So, just in case you wanted to swing in for a beer or some popcorn, you can’t because, clearly, it’s “not in use.” It’s, um, traveling down the city streets, the siding is removed and large beams are running through the middle so that it can sit on the trailer.

Some city officials and I, among other members of the media, stood outside in this morning in the freezing cold to watch the start of the move from Prairie Green to Kuehn. We got a kick out of the “Not in use” sign.

Check out Elisha Page’s photo gallery here, and read my story in tomorrow’s Argus Leader. Fascinating, actually, how the logistics of the whole thing work when it comes to moving the 2,000-square-foot, 50-foot-wide building a distance of six miles through Sioux Falls.