Where’s the aiport parking?

Sioux Falls Regional Airport recently remodeled its parking lot, adding new entrance and exit lanes, complete with electronic entrance and exit booths that accept credit and debit cards.

A fancy overhead sign signifying long and short-term parking was put up, too.

So why’s it missing now?

A major wind storm last month caused a structural failure to the sign. Security crews saw it before it fell completely, and it was removed by cranes without causing damage to vehicles or people.

It’s also covered by a warranty, said Mark Wiederrich, vice president of Goldsmith Heck Engineers, and the airport’s projects engineer.

Wiederrich said it will be about a month before a new sign is installed. Fabrication for a new one is underway.

He also said a temporary orange construction sign was up for a short period, and now a blue permanent sign is up to give people direction for where to park.