City Councilors check out The Vault

Some Sioux Falls City Councilors are planning to attend a sold-out Halestorm concert tonight at The Vault Nightclub to get a better view of how security handles crowds before Tuesday’s vote to renew the club’s liquor license.

Councilors have received a number of complaints about the club, ranging from noise to public urination and people vomiting in neighboring parking lots. Some businesses, including the Staybridge Suites, are urging councilors to reject the renewal.

Councilor Kenny Anderson Jr., plans to attend tonight’s event, watching from the inside, it sounds. Councilor Greg Jamison also plans to go, but said he wants to see what the outside scene is like, where people park and how the parking lot handles a crowd. The venue holds 640 people, and the parking lot has 103 spots, so people often park on the street and walk a block or two to get there.

Jamison and his wife also went to The Vault to see first-hand what it’s like from the inside on a recent Saturday. He said the parking lot was about half full at 10:30 p.m. when they arrived, and they stayed until about 1:30 a.m.

"I spent quit some time observing all the activity inside, and they do a good job of monitoring what’s happening on the inside of the building," he said. "They checked our IDs when we came in the door."

Jamison and Councilor Jim Entenman held a meeting with owners and neighboring businesses last week to talk about how to address problems outside. Plans will be discussed at Tuesday’s 7 p.m. council meeting.

"I think the discussion on Tuesday will be sort of a, this is your final written warning, make these changes and the council is looking for you to implement these changes," Jamison said.