Civically-engaged young people

I recently wrote a blog post about some young Cub Scouts attending City Council meetings. Well, two of those fifth graders are now partly responsible for an amendment that allows kids like them to fly remote-controlled airplanes in city parks.

And I have to say, it’s pretty cool to see them walk proudly up to the podium in Carnegie Town Hall, have some help bringing the microphone down to their level, and then read a few prepared comments. Vincent Bormann, 10, spoke Tuesday night. His friend Mason Helm spoke at a meeting last month.

They did an awesome job. Everyone knows getting up in front of people can be a scary thing, but these two didn’t seem fazed by it. Helm told me after the meeting he spent a few days preparing his speech, and those of us in the audience could tell.

Councilor Kermit Staggers has a grandson that’s pretty knowledgeable about city politics, too. He was there Tuesday night in the audience, diligently listening and taking notes. He’s also a Cub Scout whose group attended the meeting last month where councilors heard initial complaints regarding The Vault, and I’m guessing he wanted to see how it turned out.

Good for them. These kids are going to do big things when they grow up.