Volunteers cleaning up from April ice storm just finished

I received an email today from Sara Carothers, volunteer services director with the Helpline Center with some exciting news.

The Helpline Center, following the April ice storm, fielded phone calls from residents who needed help. Some just needed to know who to contact when their power went out, others needed help in a bigger way: Cleaning up their yards.

All residents who called were put on a list, and volunteers from all across the city worked to clean up yards. Some bigger, group efforts also took place, including Project Branch Out, which involved groups from area businesses and organizations, which included myself and my colleagues from Argus Leader Media.

As of last week, Carothers said in her email, every resident who called and needed help with clean up has been helped.

What does that mean?
All together, 614 volunteers served 2,528 hours and cleaned up 168 yards. The last yard was finished last week, which included working for eight hours in a grove, Carothers said. Some of the yards took three visits from three different teams to complete.

From her email:

"Thank you to each and every volunteer who helped after the April ice storm! There are not words enough to thank you all for the incredible kindness that you showed to our area’s seniors and disabled people who needed assistance with getting branches out of their yards. We heard so many, many amazing comments back from the homeowners, said with more than a few tears."