Airport invests in art


The Sioux Falls Regional Airport is adding to its permanent art collection.

A bronze sculpture called “Aviator” has graced the ticketing area on lease, but today the airport authority approved buying the sculpture from artist Bobbie Carlyle for $23,000.

“I think it’s a really unique piece, it’s aviation related and it fits our lobby really well,” Airport Executive Director Dan Letellier told the board.

The airport authority is considering buying two smaller sculptures, possibly swapping out those it now leases as part of the Sculpture Walk, a project centered on art in downtown Sioux Falls.

“I think it ties us to downtown,” commissioner Ruth Krystopolski said.

She would like to see the new pieces fit with remodeling plans, which aim for a warmer, welcoming feeling.

The smaller sculptures are currently leased for $1,000 per year.