Tennis, ice agreements up for council approval

The Sioux Falls City Council will vote Tuesday on agreements with the Sioux Falls Tennis Association and the Ice Sports Association for the facilities they are building at the Sanford Sports Complex

Whether or not the public will be allowed to comment before the vote will be up to the city council. Typically, the public gets to have its word before the council approves a new ordinance or resolution, but agreements are treated differently. 

The agreements were originally supposed to be part of the consent agenda, which groups a number of items - from contracts to change orders - for a single vote. Approving things that way doesn’t give the option for the council to discuss particular items, unless a councilor requests an item be singled out and approved separately. 

Because of the number of questions councilors have had already over the ice and tennis agreements, they’re up for a full vote of the council tomorrow night. 

Some councilors have already suggested amending the contracts to include more financial oversight and to add a clause that would allow low income families discounted passes to play at the new facilities. Others have questioned whether Mayor Mike Huether should sign the tennis agreement, given his wife’s role as executive director of the Sioux Falls Tennis Association. So far, the answer from other tennis and city officials has been that Mrs. Huether hasn’t been involved in talks over the city agreement. 

Now that the issue is on the new business agenda, it’s sure to spark some discussion.